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Remote / Home Learning

Each Thursday afternoon across school our families are invited to take part in enrichment activities.  Please choose activities to do as a family or independently each week from the choices in the documents above. We have included web links with further information to help guide activities. 

Please share your activities and learning with us at school either on google classroom or on twitter @hmprimary.

Coding websites - click on the following links





During this time of partial school opening and learning at home your child may be spending more time than usual online.    Please visits these website for advice and guidance on managing their safety online.

If you require extra and additional ideas and support including for SEND please visit our extra home learning page where we have lots of links to great resources and ideas.  

SEN and Home learning


We recognise that learning at home can be challenging.  It may also have given you, as a parent/carer, some new insights into your child as a learner which may have led you to question whether your child has some additional needs.  As a school, it is likely that we would have already flagged concerns, and it could be that these are magnified by the pressures of home learning.


This page is here to give some guidance about how Special Educational Needs are identified in our school and to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to SEN. We have also tried to include some information about commonly occurring SEN, with links to websites that can offer further guidance.

SEN and Home Learning

January 2021

During this time of partial opening for our school the majority of children will be undertaking online remote learning from home using Google classroom.

We have put in place a plan for remote learning so that all children can continue with their education during this time or if their class our year group has to self-isolate due to close contact with a positive COVID19 case. This meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance ‘Remote Education Support’. 

Summer 2020 "Climate Emergency" Home Learning

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