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Year 6 Transition 2020

Year 6 Transition

Welcome to the Year 6 transition page.

Here you will find information on this year's transition for our Year 6 pupils as well as resources to assist with discussions and activities at home.


What we would normally do:

In Summer 2, the children would begin transition work. In school, this would be through weekly PSHE sessions and lots of discussions within class. We would discuss:

  • Similarities and differences between Henry Maynard and secondary schools.
  • What we are excited about.
  • What we are afraid of.
  • Rumours that we have heard.
  • Look at example timetables.

Our home learning will reflect that in the coming weeks. 

The secondary schools would also arrange a visit to the school – usually in the form of assemblies. Some even bring back ex-pupils to help ease the worries.

The children would also participate in transition day where they get to go and spend the day in their new school.


Information is gathered and shared about each child through discussions with staff members from the secondary schools.

What we are currently doing:

Obviously we cannot do all of this with the strict social distancing and ‘bubbles’ that are in place.


Most secondary schools have now been in contact with Henry Maynard and we are handing over useful information about the children as we would have previously. This includes levels and key information such as additional needs and friendship groups.


The Y6 teachers have been amazing in passing on information and ensuring schools who have been in contact have the most up to date and relevant information about your children. We are chasing up schools that we have not heard from. We are also passing on key things that the children have missed this term so that secondary schools have a good idea of which parts of the primary curriculum may not have been covered. 


We have already set some tasks on the weekly home learning sheets. Over the next few weeks, we will be setting the transition work on the weekly home learning sheet as well as resources and activities. This will be something that we focus on in school within our bubbles. We have attached plans and resources below.


At present, some secondary schools have sent out transition details to parents – if you have not received any information from your child’s new school – please contact them. I have attached links below to the websites of the main schools that children go to.


We are also working to find ways of saying ‘goodbye’ to Henry Maynard. Each Year 6 teacher is devastated that this is the way children will leave Henry Maynard and they are going above and beyond in order to ensure our pupils get a proper send-off and even if this happens in September or beyond, I know that they will want this to happen.

Plans and resources.

Shortly, links to the weekly home learning will be posted. These will also be in the children's Google classroom. if the children are in school, they will cover these activities at some point in the week.

Week 1 –

Similarities and differences between Henry Maynard and secondary schools. What is the same? What will be different? The opportunities that these differences may bring. 


Week 2 –

Rumours and worries will be discussed and shared.


Week 3 –

An example day including timetables, room changes and subjects.


Week 4 –

All about me! What things have you achieved at Henry Maynard? Thinking about Year 7 - what would you like to achieve in your new school?

Useful resources: - BBC bitesize transition - more links at bottom of page. Tips for children starting secondary school. - tips for parents


A google search of "starting secondary school" reveals a range of articles/blogs/websites that share many of the concerns that parents and children may be having


Our webpage has lots of additional resources including well-being!

Contact details of secondary schools:

Here are links to the main schools children are going to – some have transition resources that may be useful regardless of the secondary school you are going to. You can of course contact the secondary schools for more information. 

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