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Year 4


Our History topic is the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We will learn about the Roman army and their organisation and strategy compared with that of the British tribes. We will also learn about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Romans. TRIPS!  We will also hold a WOW day– details to follow.

In Geography this half term, we will explore the geography of the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain today. We will also learn about Hadrian’s Wall and its significance in Roman Britain.

The children in all four classes have made a fantastic start to the school year and are settling in very well. All classes have been discussing the expectations of year 4 learners and have contributing to creating a class charter. This was signed by all members of the class and you will receive a copy of this shortly.

Our topic this half term is The Romans. The children will be applying the knowledge they gained from the year 3 work for historical enquiry as well learning about Caesar and Rome’s transition to an imperial power. This will be linked to our work in English later on in the term, with children reading a story based on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and writing a newspaper article on this event.

Prior to this, in English, we have begun reading The Demon Headmaster and will be looking at the features of a diary. The children will then use their understanding of the characters and write diary entries from different perspectives. Over the half term we will be asking children to edit their own work, looking particularly at the spelling and punctuation they have been taught in previous years.

In Maths, we have begun with a unit of work on place value. The children have been introduced to numbers over a thousand and have been manipulating these numbers to represent them in different ways. This is a key skill that will allow them to succeed in our next focus, mental arithmetic. In this unit we will be looking at and articulating different strategies, allowing children to find methods with which they are comfortable. Before the half term we will move on to focus on multiplication and division.

Please remember that each child has a Times Table Rockstars and Purple Mash login. Regular game play on these sites will help children to internalise maths facts and allow them to apply these to higher level problem solving activities in the classroom.

In Science, we are learning about sound and hearing. The children will consolidate and extend their understanding of the way in which sound is produced and how it travels. We will be covering volume and pitch before looking at the human ear and how we hear sound.

We will be linking our art to our history this half term- we will be studying Roman pottery and take the children through the design process so that they can design and make their own pot. Later in the term we will be opening the Year 4 unit as a museum!

In PE, we will be developing the children’s netball skills, looking in particular at their passing and catching skills and the way in which we position ourselves to support teammates. In indoor PE, we will be developing our footwork and thinking about how we can challenge ourselves and develop perseverance in our approach to improving skills.

In RE, we will be looking at Christianity and the church. We will investigate different churches and compare these with other places of worship. 

In the last week of the half term, the school will be celebrating international culture in our Arts and Culture Week. In year 4 we will be looking at South America. The children will learn about samba rhythms, study the visual art of the continent and learn about the food. This will culminate in a carnival event at the end of the week.

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