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Year 1

‘Out of this World’

Autumn 1

Our science topic is ‘Seasonal Change’. The children will learn the months of the year (later on learning to read and spell them) and will begin to identify which months fit into which season. We will use our senses to make observations about what we can see in our local area and try to determine which season it is. We will use these observations throughout the year and compare and contrast what we see. Children will use descriptive language to make detailed observations. They will also learn that the weather changes significantly and begin to think about why this happens. We will keep a year long record of the temperature so that we can begin to notice patterns.

In English we will be learning about labels, lists and captions and our focus will be on composing a sentence orally before writing it. We will also be looking at various texts focussing on descriptive language. We will focus on handwriting and letter formation and writing targets will include remembering finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and forming our letters correctly.

In Maths there will be a strong focus on recognising, counting and ordering numbers. Our focus is to count forwards and backwards to 20 and children will also be expected to read and write (spell) numerals and words to ten/10 (later on to twenty/20). We will be thinking about doubles of numbers and will continue to use different resources to represent numerals. Children will begin to add 1 and 2 digit numbers to 20 using a variety of methods and they will begin to use the language of more and less than.

In PE we will continue with our ‘REAL PE’ scheme of work which focusses this half term on following instructions, footwork coordination and static balance on one leg.

In RE our topic will be ‘The natural world’ which also ties in with our science topic.

In art we will be experimenting with using a range of materials including pencils, paint, oil pastels and charcoal. We will explore mixing colours and printing.

Autumn 2

We will begin our second half term with an ‘Autumn Art Attack’ wow day. In Science we will continue to look at ‘Seasonal changes’ and will discover more about changes in weather and lessening daylight hours. We will continue to collect data about temperature to discover whether or not patterns are emerging. We will study our local environment also to see how plants including trees have changed. We will also be visiting Hollow Ponds to collect items for our arty extravaganza!

In History we will be learning about changes in living memory focussing on toys from the past. The children will have the opportunity to talk about differences between their life and the lives of their parents and grandparents and ask and answer questions about the past.

In English, we will be continue to focus on using our phonics to write a range of texts including poems, stories, recounts and information texts; using our ‘Magpie Walls’ to generate interesting word choices. In our writing we will be focussing on orally rehearsing our sentences, using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, forming letters correctly and sitting our writing along the line.

In Maths we will be extending our counting forwards and backwards to 50. Children will also be learning more about strategies for subtraction and addition and will begin to think about place value. Children will also have the opportunity to learn more about money including recognising and making amounts. The children will also be naming and describing the properties of 2D shapes and naming 3D shapes. Children will also be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

In PE we will continue with our ‘REAL PE’ scheme of work which focusses this half term on social skills, jumping and landing and seated static balance.

In Art we will experiment with colour blending to create winter art.

Our RE for this half term is Christianity and the festival of Christmas. Parents and carers will also have the opportunity to watch the children perform twice this half term: once during a class assembly and once during the Christmas show!

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