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Henry Maynard Primary School and Nursery

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Dear families, friends, children and visitors,


We just want to say a huge welcome to Henry Maynard Primary School and Nursery.  We are a community school maintained by the London Borough of Waltham Forest.  




We have created a special page dedicated to our response to the current situation, with our plans for opening our school in September to all children.   Please look under our Parent Information tab for the latest newsletter and information, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions that we have put together to help families with any worries they have during this time of transition. 


Our website aims to provide regular updated information for both parents, pupils and our community. We hope that you find the information you are looking for and enjoy finding out more about our amazing school.  You can find even more information about our school by following our learning and community news on our twitter feed @hmprimary.  We also encourage all our families and friends to download our App - "Piota" and search for Henry Maynard Primary - all our news, alerts, Covid-19 related news and key messages are regularly updated there.  


At our school we are all totally committed to promoting a learning and teaching environment that embeds the values of inclusive educational practice through our creative, exciting and broad curriculum.   We are passionate about the arts, creativity, music, sports and ensuring that children thrive through our personalised approaches.      

Our dedicated and experienced team aims to ensure that education is accessible and relevant to all our learners and where necessary support or challenge is targeted to help children to reach their potential.  We respect each other and celebrate diversity and difference.


We recognise the importance of parents and carers as partners in their children's learning journey and are very proud of the relationship we have with all of our families.   We ask that parents or carers encourage and support their children's learning by reading with them regularly and talking to them about the world in which we live.  Our community is hugely supportive and very involved in school life - we have an extremely active parent-teacher association called the Friends of Henry Maynard School (FoHMS) who work hard on whole school events and fundraising strategies for resources and equipment for the children.


We are actively involved in the wider local community and have strong teaching, research and partnership links with local primary and secondary schools as well as the sixth form colleges.  We raise funds for local, national and international charities and have an established association with a neighbouring care home. Our classes use local places of interest for learning out of school, for example William Morris gallery, Vestry House and the Waltham Forest swimming pool.


We believe that every child is entitled to equal access to an engaging, dynamic and relevant curriculum, regardless of race, gender, class or disability and we hope that you can see how this vital school value permeates through everything we do.  


We hope you enjoy finding out more about how we learn, work and achieve together at Henry Maynard Primary and Nursery.   


     Heads @HMP



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