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Learning, Working and Achieving Together


There is a full transition programme for children joining our Reception classes, which commences in June and July before children are due to start at school in September each year. New pupils and their parents are invited into school to meet their new teachers and key members of staff. All new pupils in Nursery and Reception are visited at home by their key worker and/or teacher before starting school in September.


Pupils moving site at the end of Year 2 participate in transition activities during July before moving into Year 3. These include visiting the Addison Road site, participating in cross site assemblies and Year 3 staff visiting Maynard Road.


At the end of each year teachers and support staff share detailed information with the next year's teacher about the class and individual pupils.


We also work in partnership with our local secondary schools to ensure smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7. This may be through the facilitation of taster days, meeting visiting staff from secondary schools or visits to the schools themselves.

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