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Special Education Needs or Disability

At Henry Maynard Primary school we believe that, with the right training, strategies and support nearly all children with special educational needs can be successfully included in mainstream education.

We work in partnership with parents, the local authority and other schools to remove barriers to learning and participation, so that all children can have access to an appropriate education that affords them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential. We are aware that mainstream education will not always be right for every child all of the time, and the interests of all children must be safeguarded.


As an inclusive school we believe that all children have the right to an education which enables them to become full, independent and active members of the community.  As such, their education should be broad and balanced with the maximum possible access to the curriculum throughout their school life. 


All children, not just those with special needs, are entitled to careful monitoring and assessment of their individual needs in an appropriate context. This includes ensuring that we have high expectations and appropriate targets for all children. It is possible that a child’s needs will change over time, that they will be complex and relate to the setting in which they arise. It is important that no child is unnecessarily categorised although needs must be clearly identified.

Nicky Hillman is our Inclusion SEND Lead.

You can contact her through the school office 0208 5203042.

We believe that every child is entitled to equal access to an engaging curriculum, regardless of race, gender, class or disability.


We are committed to promoting a learning and teaching environment that embeds the values of inclusive educational practices for all. Through a child centered approach, we aim to ensure that education is accessible and relevant to all our learners, to respect each other and to celebrate diversity and difference.

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