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Reading Opportunities

  • Adults read to children daily using the set book/s for the half term plus Core books where time allows.
  • Every child is heard reading aloud each week - either with an adult 1:1, as part of a small group or within whole class reading.
  • Children are taught specific reading skills through phonics & whole class reading
  • Children are given opportunities for independent reading each week. Teachers guide children to ensure their book choice is accessible & appropriate to their age & ability.
  • EYFS / KS1 – Bug Club is used to enrich reading lessons & support home learning.
  • KS2 – Accelerated Reader is used to assess reading & monitor children’s progress with independent reading

Early Reading:

We use Letters and Sounds to teach Phonics and Reading from Early Years to Year 3. Our children are taught Phonics as part of a language-rich curriculum, so that they develop wider reading skills as well as their ability to decode unfamiliar words. We use a range of reading scheme and non-scheme books, colour-coded into ability bands using the Book Band system to support the teaching of reading.  Reading workshops for parents from Early Years to Key Stage 2 are held to support reading at home.

Reading at home:

Each week, children in Early Years and KS1 will bring home a free-choice book. All children bring home a book tailored to their ability, either as part of a reading scheme in Early Years and KS1, or within their reading range as part of Accelerated Reader. Your child has a reading diary where parents and carers, and the children themselves, are encouraged to use in order to share feedback on their books.

Reading across the Community:

To encourage reading across the school community, a book swap trolley for parents and carers is available outside both school offices. Please feel free to bring in a book to swap and share. We are proud to participate in a Family Reading Challenge, whereby families read together everyday for a fortnight to celebrate the wonder of reading. Children across the school visit local libraries and children from KS1 read with residents of our local care-home. We hope to be able to resume this when it is safe to do so.

During the week of World Book Day, we invite parents and carers to take part in a Reading trail. We are so proud of our children and families and their fantastic efforts in our World Book day trail. You can see images from this community event on our twitter page.


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