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 The teaching of Religious Education at Henry Maynard is based on the Waltham Forest SACRE agreed syllabus. The Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) is responsible for determining the syllabus for religious education (RE) in council-run or funded schools in Waltham Forest.

The religious education curriculum is approached through the exploration of all the major world religions.

We also use assemblies to celebrate different religious festivals and to develop children’s moral sense. 


As part of the curriculum, we aim to:

  • promote an open and objective approach to religious education
  • assist pupils in benefiting from religious education regardless of their personal faith
  • help pupils appreciate diversity and develop respect for others
  • encourage a reflective attitude to life and an openness to exploring questions for meaning, purpose and value.


Religious education is important to help pupils understand the diverse and cultural society we live in. It is our role to prepare children for living in a multicultural society.


You may wish to withdraw your child from all or part of religious education but you will need to first speak with the Headteacher if you wish to do so.


Through Religious Education children learn:

  • To encourage respect and tolerance of the beliefs of others
  • To extend their understanding of different religions
  • To enhance their ability to respond to matters of ideology and ethical values.


Our R.E. curriculum is organised and sequenced to embed our children’s knowledge and understanding. Please see below for our Long-term plan, showing how our curriculum is organised. You will also find the new Religious Education syllabus from Waltham Forest.

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