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Henry Maynard Primary School and Nursery

Learning, Working and Achieving Together


Our key workers in the Nursery are:                                                        

Sue and Mahayra, Mira and Shaista.


Planning for topics in Nursery is done on a weekly basis. Staff plan topics which are based around the children’s interests. Please ask the Nursery staff for more information about what is being learnt each week. For the first few weeks the focus will be on settling in, learning the school routines and making new friends. 


We have a WOW tree in Nursery that stays in place throughout the year. We would like parents, carers and families to share any special significant moments, big or small that your child has at home or in the community. For example, they can now swim without armbands; they can now butter their own bread, they can now ride a tricycle or scooter, they can brush their own teeth, etc. This is a really special way to strengthen ties between home and school. The WOW tree is on the wall display as you come into the Nursery. Please remember to write the date on your leaf so we can keep track of when things happen.

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