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Important News- Soft Federation

As parents and carers will understand schools are under increasing pressure to raise standards and maintain provision in a climate of reducing external support and decreasing budgets. Together with a number of local schools (Edinburgh, Greenleaf, Winns, Chapel End Infants and South Grove) Henry Maynard has decided to establish a soft federation. A soft federation does not change governance within a school and schools retain the same level of autonomy.

The group of schools involved already works together on school improvement and development, collaborating and sharing good practice on many aspects of teaching and learning to improve outcomes for children, as well as working together to achieve greater financial efficiencies. Governors and Headteachers believe that the soft federation is a way of strengthening this whilst retaining the independence that makes each of our schools unique.

As far as staff, parents and children are concerned this development will make little difference to their day to day experience of school but will, over time, help to ensure that the schools continue to improve and to be financially viable. The soft federation will be known as The Federation of Walthamstow Central Area Schools (FoWCAS).

If you have any questions about this matter, please arrange to speak to Mrs Adair.

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