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planning for school re-opening 1st June

Dear parents, carers and families,

Re - possible phased re-opening of school.    Please note this letter is only for families with children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 6 or families who have a parent who is a key worker, or a child who has an EHCP or is supported by social care teams. 

Thank you all so much for sharing your views with us via our survey on the Parent App.   Your views are really important to us, so it was extremely helpful to find out more about how you are thinking and feeling regarding the potential reopening of school to more children from the 1st of June.

Whilst there is still not any firm guidance in place, we are busily making preparations for the future and will update and amend these as and when more guidance becomes available.      Our risk assessments show us that we have a very unique set of circumstances here at Henry Maynard as we have such a large school and such a small site with very small classrooms.  As you will know a key priority is to try and maintain “social bubbles” where children stay in a small group with one or two members of staff  – this means it is likely that we will be moving towards a plan of staggered opening, from the week commencing the 1st June, with only some of the children starting back that week and gradually increasing numbers over the following week.   

Our first priority will be to ensure that all key workers and children classed as vulnerable, e.g. those who have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) or  those who are supported by a social worker are attending school.  Following increases of numbers to that group, we can then consider a gradual re-opening to the other year groups specified by government.   

Whilst we appreciate that parents may have been expecting schools to open their doors to all children in the specified year groups, in reality this just isn’t possible.      

At the moment, and please bear in mind this could change,  we are working on two different ideas using a fortnightly timetable where children attend school for either two full days every fortnight or five mornings or five afternoon sessions every fortnight. 

To help us with our planning, we now need to start collecting details about which children will potentially be accessing some form of in-school time.  As such, if you are intending to send your child back to school, please complete the short survey below by Monday the 25th May 2020:- 


Many thanks,


Laura Birkett

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