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Music at home

STORY - BEN'S TRUMPET - I thought I would read you one of my favourite stories about a boy who loved music and could imagine !

Making up rhythms

Five Little Froggies - High and low pitches

Sing along to this counting song.
When you feel ready to do some actions, start the song in crouching frog position and jump up on the line 'Froggie jump high !', go back down for 'Froggie jump low'.
You can add other actions too.
When you are singing the word 'high' can you hear the tune making a high sound high? - this is called a high pitch.
When you are singing the word 'low' the tune, the tune makes a low sound - this is called a low pitch.

PITCH in music is the name given to high and low sounds (not the same as a football pitch ).
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