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In Mathematics we teach for ‘mastery’.

At Henry Maynard Primary School we seek to foster confident, proactive learners who possess the transferable skills and decision making capabilities required to succeed in the education system and beyond, into adult life. Opportunities to use the core skills with which children have been equipped, offer them the chance to develop their own logical and methodical approaches to problems, as well as encouraging perseverance and determination as positive personality traits.

Children will learn:


  • To enjoy the subject and appreciate what mathematics is, what it involves and why it is important.
  • To appreciate the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives.
  • To understand the underlying principles of mathematics, and be able to apply them to different situations.
  • To be able to use and apply maths confidently, in mental, investigative and computational settings.

Parents and cares are invited into school to attend Maths workshops at different times in the year which include sessions on homework and how we teach Maths calculation .


There are PDFs from these sessions saved in each year group's area. 


We emphasize the use of practical resources to teach Mathematics in the Foundation Stage and throughout Key Stage 1 and 2.

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