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Mathematics at Henry Maynard Primary


At Henry Maynard, we teach for ‘mastery’: we seek to foster confident, proactive learners who possess the transferable skills and decision-making capabilities required to succeed in the education system and beyond, into adult life. Opportunities to use the core skills with which the children have been equipped offer them the chance to develop their own logical and methodical approaches to problems, as well as encouraging perseverance and determination as positive personality traits.

Children will learn:  

  • To enjoy the subject and appreciate what mathematics is, what it involves and why it is important. 
  • To appreciate the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives. 
  • To understand the underlying principles of mathematics, and be able to apply them to different situations. 
  • To be able to use and apply maths confidently, in mental, investigative and computational settings. 

We have high expectations and aim for all children to progress through the curriculum at the same pace and to achieve high standards in maths. Our curriculum design and the time given to exploring concepts in a broad manner facilitates this. 

How Mathematics fits into our wider school curriculum 

  • We strive to make explicit cross-curricular links in all subjects. This is particularly evident in Science (data handling) and Humanities (map work/ timelines).  
  • The school uses a number of online learning platforms that help us to foster key recall skills and their application. Children in KS1 and KS2 have access to the TT Rockstars  and, in KS2, inter and intra class competitions take place on a weekly basis. The school hosts special TTRS wow days in which the focus is to raise the profile of these key skills.  
  • In UKS2, Maths homework is allocated and completed online, using the mymaths. In KS1, children receive maths homework every other week which is linked to their current learning. In LKS2, the focus of homework is preparation for the end of Year 4 Times Table Check. In addition to this, they also have access to MyMaths activities.  
  • We run an after-school chess club; the skills and strategies fostered here have direct implication on our children’s mathematical reasoning.  
  • A weekly after school coding club and music theory club also help to build on children’s mathematical thinking.  
  • Parents and carers are invited into school to attend Maths workshops at different times in the year which include examples of the representations, language and methods that children will learn throughout that academic year.  
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