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Learning at home

60 things to do at home
  1. Craft a story together.
  2. Make an obstacle course.
  3. Bake together.
  4. Fold towels.
  5. Play a rhyming game.
  6. Build a house of plastic cups.
  7. Play dress-up.
  8. Make a path of pillows to use as stepping stones.
  9. Write a book.
  10. Play I Spy with colors..
  11. Play Simon Says with the whole family.
  12. Make a large box into a playhouse.
  13. Complete a connect-the-dots picture.
  14. Make a musical parade.
  15. Jump rope or hula-hoop.
  16. Make a cereal or pasta necklace.
  17. Play "Freeze Tag."
  18. Do a puzzle.
  19. Play Hide and Seek.
  20. Build a city out of toys / lego.
  21. Make a tea party.
  22. Play Go Fish.
  23. Build a fort with a blanket, some pillows and durable furniture.
  24. Put on a sock-puppet play.
  25. Play catch with a balloon.
  26. Practice tumbling.
  27. Challenge your child to identify items by smell.
  28. Pretend to go on an African safari.
  29. Play hopscotch.
  30. Build a dollhouse out of shoeboxes.
  31. Play charades together.
  32. Create a collage from old magazines.
  33. Pop balloons with your body.
  34. Sort coins.
  35. Make a car wash for riding toys.
  36. Plant a seed and watch it grow.
  37. Sort things by colors.
  38. Create a spider web with glue-coated spaghetti.
  39. Make paper-bag masks and decorate them.
  40. Play Follow the Leader.
  41. Make a volcano out of baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring.
  42. Use different objects (like a wire coat hanger) to make soap bubbles.
  43. Play "What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?"
  44. Let your child "read" you a storybook by looking at the pictures.
  45. Polish and paint each other's nails.
  46. Make hand shadows.
  47. Exercise with a yoga video together.
  48. Play a simple version of Pictionary.
  49. Make a paper-bag puppet.
  50. Keep a balloon in the air as long as possible.
  51. Play Hot and Cold with a hidden object.
  52. Cut snowflakes from folded paper and decorate them.
  53. Play a matching game with photos of family members.
  54. Call out words and challenge your child to think of rhymes for each one.
  55. Let your child scrub carrots or potatoes for dinner.
  56. Use cooking tools to play with water.
  57. Copy each other's rhythms on a toy drum.
  58. Tilt a baking sheet on a stack of books to make a slide for toy cars.
  59. Crawl under a sheet and pretend you're lost in a cave.
  60. Make fruit kebabs.
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