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Within our History topics we encourage and develop a multicultural framework, learning about the lives of famous people and different cultures. Through studying people in the past we are able to make sense of the present and we aim to develop an awareness of the past and the present. In the Early Years, children develop an awareness of history through the changes in their lives and those of their family or adults around them. They encounter aspects of life in the past through stories, eye-witness accounts, artefacts and adult visitors. In KS1 we use a variety of topics and resources such as period dressing up, toys and everyday objects to reinforce the curriculum. In KS2 history is taught as separate units of work, for example Tudors, Romans and Ancient Greece, as well as local history.

In Geography we aim to develop a strong interest in our children of their own surroundings and the wider world. We want to enable pupils to develop an appreciation and understanding of the variety of physical and human features and conditions. In KS1 geographical knowledge, understanding and skills (including map skills) are developed by studying the school grounds and the immediate locality. In addition we study a location outside of the UK in KS1 and 2. In KS2 geography is taught through topics such as environmental change, settlement, rivers and local geography.

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