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Healthy Schools and PE

All children are taught a minimum of two hours physical education per week. This includes 30-45 minute indoor sessions where children are taught the fundamental movement skills; agility, balance and coordination. The aim of these sessions is to help all children become physically literate by developing the building blocks that underpin the ability to play and be involved in many different sports. The fundamentals learnt and practised in these lessons are then applied to a variety of games and sports played outside in our playgrounds. Children are encouraged to develop broader holistic skills through what they have learnt and then apply them in inclusive competitions.

We follow the "Real PE" scheme of work for Physical Education.
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Gymnastics - pupils learn to control their bodies through planning, performing, and refining different means of turning, balancing and travelling on hands and feet using both floor and apparatus.
Games - pupils learn to understand and play ball games and develop and refine skills of sending, receiving, striking and travelling with a ball. During school time pupils play small team games and team sports are also available as an extra-curricular activity.

Swimming - pupils attend swimming lessons in Year 4. Swimming is a compulsory part of the national curriculum for PE.

There are a number of swimming pools in Waltham Forest and we recommend that children are introduced to swimming before Year 4.

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To encourage all pupils to be active every day, we subscribe to 5-a-day TV. It provides online access to fully demonstrated five-minute exercise routines and language learning resources. All children are timetabled to do 5 minutes of class based aerobic exercise per day in addition to their P.E. lessons, playtimes and afterschool sports activities.

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