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Henry Maynard Primary School is embarking on a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both our school and local community whilst at the same time having a lifelong positive impact on the lives of our young people and their families. 


The creation of The Eco Team 

At the start of this academic year we created an Eco Team on both sites from years 1-6. We were (prior to lockdown) meeting termly, to discuss eco issues within our school and what we hope to achieve by the end of the academic year. 


To date, we have created an Action Plan and completed an Environmental Review of our school, which enabled us to assess what we need to do from the smallest of things- to larger, more adventurous projects.  


What we have achieved so far: 


  • We got the whole school thinking about protecting our environment and the climate emergency through the’ Eco School Summer Project’. The Autumn Term display boards, across the school, were adorned with wonderful creations made by our children at home. 

  • We have an Eco School Bronze Award – This was awarded for creating an Eco Team, completing an Environmental Review and for creating an action plan. 

  • Introduced food waste bins for the fruit at break time and lunch time leftovers.  

  • Trawled our curriculum to see how embedded environmental issues are in our teaching across the school.   

  • Set up our website communication to share what we are doing. 

  • Eco School Silver Award – for setting up website communication and making sure environmental issues are embedded in at least 3 areas of the curriculum. 


What to expect going forward? 


  • We will strive to try and achieve Eco Schools Green Flag status by the end of the academic year. 

  • We have approached a local developer and have pitched ideas for eco projects around the school. We are in close contact and are being persistent in our communication to try and get these projects off the ground – watch this space for new developments. 


  • Signed up to Airly – #Letschoolsbreath For 6 months, we will have an air quality monitor in our playground to measure dangerous gas pollutants around our school. 






PARENTS - Can you help? 


We need to clear the pond area at Addison Road to bring the biodiversity in that area to it's optimum. Do any of you have expertise in this area? 


Please email: and address to the attention of Anne-Marie Morgan. 

Our bronze award. (Watch this space as the silver is around the corner!)
Our communications board at Addison Road.
Our Action plan that comprises of short and long term goals.
Some examples of the great work we received from our Eco Summer Project.
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