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COVID19 return to school

During this time of uncertainty, as we follow Government and Local Authority advice to prepare to safely open school more widely, we will be regularly updating this page with information and guidance as and when it becomes available.    Please see information here to support you and your child returning to school through the gradual reopening that Government is advising. 


It is our intention, if government allows us to do so, to gradually open our school from the 1st June.   If the government deems it safe in their announcement on the 28th of June, our first step to increase school capacity from the 1st June for Key worker families will go ahead as planned.   Throughout that week will assess the safety of our plans, the wellbeing of children and staff,  plus amend and adapt risk assessments and procedures as necessary.   If we find our plans for reopening have been successful, in the first week, we will aim to open more widely, initially to Year 6 and then Year 1 and will keep families informed every step of the way. 


At this stage, we do not have the firms plans to offer children spaces in more year groups, but we working on this each day.   It is all dependent on how successful the coming weeks will be as we see how our space works to keep children, staff and the wider community safe.   


Risk assessments for opening the school more widely will be posted here after ratification by Waltham Forest, staff unions and the school Governing Body.    


Useful information about our school re:opening

All Key workers and families of vulnerable children/children with EHC must complete and return this form to school via

What school might look like from June 2020

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Supporting your child's well being when returning to school


Check in with them regularly and remind them that:


It’s normal to feel scared – nerves actually help us prepare for challenges.

It may take time for them to feel settled, and that’s OK.

They might get things wrong as they get used to a new situation.

They’ve coped with big changes in the past and can do it again.

They can talk to you or someone at school if they’re worried.


Sharing worries

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