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Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast clubs are usually held every morning from 7:45am at  both Maynard Road and Addison Road.    During the time of transition in September, breakfast club will be at slightly different times and children with a place at breakfast club will have received a letter detailing this.   Prices are also slightly different as some children will be receiving less time at the club.    


The children are looked after by some of our school support staff and so are well known by all the children. They are provided with a healthy breakfast and offered a choice of indoor activities.

The cost per day for Breakfast club is £6.00 or £30 for the week.    If your child has a place, please ensure you pay online using the School Buddy System for Breakfast Club at both Maynard and Addison Road.

The aim of the Breakfast club is to provide affordable, safe and stimulating before school care for children who attend our school.      We aim to provide a variety of equipment and activities that do not cause discrimination to any child.

If you require a place in Breakfast club for your child you will need to complete the application form below.       Alternatively you can pick one up from the school office.    Please be aware that there is a waiting list for Breakfast Club, as there is for our After School Club care clubs. 

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