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Year 6


In English, the children will be continuing to show off their writing skills. We will be expecting work to contain a range of vocabulary, punctuation, openers and conjunctions that are expected of Year 6 children. The books that will be focussed on in Year 6 this term will be Pig Heart Boy and The Jungle Book.


The children will continue to work on their arithmetic skills each week. We will be focussing on reasoning questions in preparation for the SATS. Children will be asked to apply skills into real-life situations and use their problem solving skills to answer investigative questions.

Check out these great links:

The children worked fantastically using Times Table Rockstars and the children who were using it were really speeding up their rapid recall of times tables. Please continue to encourage your children to use it. The children should know their login details and need to speak to their teacher if they do not.

Year 6 calculation policy

Both of these links show the methods being used in school – although the children may correct the vocabulary used in the videos! – long multiplication – long division

Times table tester:


The children will learn about the heart and the circulatory system. The children will learn about pulses and how exercise affects our bodies. They will also learn about healthy lifestyles.


We will also be learning about Rivers after half term.

Our geography lessons will focus on major rivers around the world. The children will learn about features of a river. We will also be building bridges as part of our DT lessons. Rivers will also be our focus for the artwork that we do this term.

We also have our visit to Suntrap.

At Suntrap this time, we will be consolidating the information we have learned and applying it practically. The children have worked well at Suntrap and we are looking forward to returning.

All classes – March 14th.


The children will be learning about Sikhism this half term. They will learn about Sikh beliefs including special places and celebrations. We will also be learning about the journey of Life and Death in different religions – comparing and contrasting the different beliefs that faiths have.

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