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Year 5

Spring 2017

Autumn 2016

We are all really excited about the topics and lessons that we are planning for the children this term -  in particular our production which will be in December. Autumn begins with our Vikings and Anglo Saxons topic.


For the first 2 weeks of this half term we will be exploring and composing poems with the painting ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Peter Paul Rubens our stimulus. We will then move on to stories with issues (The Fib, The Mouth Organ Boys) and the children will look at how different authors represent and explore issues through stories before writing their own. We will follow this with reading and writing biographies and autobiographies.  In the second half of the term we will be looking at legends and writing instructions. Children also be doing 30mins of ‘guided reading’ every afternoon and should be taking home a reading book each day.


Throughout the first half term, we have a strong focus on number including place value and addition and subtraction. Our focus then moves onto measurements including length, area and perimeter – and related links to multiplication and division. We will also be covering geometry this half term. In the second half of the term we will be looking at formal written methods of division and multiplication and problem solving.


In Science children are focussing on properties and changes of materials. We will be discussing why certain materials are used in everyday objects. Children will also look at solutions and mixtures and the properties of various materials. Children will be also be using a range of skills to plan, carry out, record and draw conclusions about investigations completed. We will also have a science day where every class will take a different science lesson with each of the year 5 teachers.


This half term we focus on Christianity and the World. We will be looking at key geographical places and landmarks that are important to Christians and why. A local Pastor will be coming in to talk with the children about places and journeys important to Christians.


We will also be using the computer programme ‘scratch.’  To code simple games and applications. We will also be looking at symbols in we are cryptographers.


Children will be doing gymnastics for indoor PE and Tag Rugby in outdoor PE. Please ensure children have a full PE kit in school for each lesson so they can participate.


We will be developing painting and drawing skills and learning about mixing colours, primary, secondary, complementary and contrasting colours. After half-term we will be working in textiles to create a Coat of Arms. Please let your class teacher know if you are able and willing to come in to help with sewing.


Children will look at the Vikings and Anglo Saxon struggle. We will learn about Viking raids, Anglo – Saxon laws and justice and Viking settlements.

Summer 2016


We start the summer term looking at fables, such as The hare and the tortoise and How the camel got its hump. The children will be exploring character writing in depth before writing their own examples in this genre. In the latter part of this half term we will be looking at and writing explanatory texts with an emphasis on clear, lucid but detailed writing. After half term we’ll be learning about the poem The Highwayman and also writing play scripts.


We start the term measuring, drawing and calculating angles. We will also cover problem solving using all four  operations ( + − × ÷ ), ratios, probability and fractions including multiplying and dividing fractions. Towards the end of the term we will be reviewing written methods, mental strategies and number work in preparation for the move to Year 6. All children should know their times tables to x12 by now, and we appreciate any practise and encouragement they receive at home.


Now that spring has sprung we are planning to observe the life cycle of various organisms first hand. We plan to take the children to a local farm and will be growing plants from seeds in school. If you can get hold of some tadpoles please contact Mr Jewitt. Children will also be studying the function and anatomy of the heart and lungs in the human body with a focus on healthy eating and an active lifestyle.


This term we will learn about the Jewish festival of Passover and the story of the Jew’s liberation from slavery in Egypt. After half term we will be looking at Christianity and faith in action.


In addition to continuing with their SCRATCH computer programming, children will be learning about Blogging. A blog is a personal webpage or website where anyone can share and record opinions and information.


Children will be swimming each Wednesday at the Waltham Forest College pool. It is important that your child has swimming kit, hat and towel each week. In our other PE lesson, we are developing coordination and balance in a range of games and activities including gymnastics and netball. Some classes will also be working with students from Walthamstow Girls School in their PE lessons this term.


This term we are focusing on painting skills and techniques. The children will experiment with a range of painting materials and utensils, and will develop their experience and competence in this area of art. We will be using these techniques after half term in which our art topic is portraits. If there are any artist parents or carers who would like to come in and work with the children, please get in touch with your child’s class teacher.

History and Geography:

This term we will complete our study of rainforests by looking at the human geography of rainforests and we will also explore the ancient Greek civilisation in history. After the half term we will studying the Tudors in our Crime and Punishment unit. We will also be visiting Kentwell for a totally immersive experience of Tudor England!

Spring 2016

YEAR 5 SPRING TERM 2016: Brrrr it’s f ffreezing! But it’s even colder in space - which is what year 5 are learning about this half term.

Hold the front page! Our English starts with journalism and writing newspaper articles. What Where When Why? Just give me the headlines! We’ll be learning how to structure a newspaper article and the language used in journalism.  We will also be writing stories with a focus on issues and fitting in and also reading and writing stories from different cultures.

In Maths this half term children will be learning about fractions, problem solving involving adding, subtracting and long multiplication and adding and subtracting fractions. Keep practising those times tables too.

In Science the children are learning about the planets and space. All classes have been on a trip to the science museum where they experienced landing on the moon in a 4D cinema and learnt about the science behind the lunar landing. Back in school we’ll be learning about the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon and how we come to have seasons, days, months and years. In the second spring half term we’ll be studying different habitats and how they support life.

IN RE this term we will be looking at Islam and specifically the Hajj. Next half term we will be learning about Buddhism.

If any pupils have any photos or artefacts relating to Hajj it would be wonderful if they could bring some in to share with the class.


Our focus this half term is computer aided design with our mini topic ‘we are architects’.


Children will be swimming each Wednesday at the Waltham Forest College pool. It is important that your child has swimming kit, hat and towel each week. In our other PE lesson, we are developing coordination and balance in a range of games and activities. Please ensure they have their kit in school.


In Art we are learning about weaving and designing and making our own pieces of weaving using a range of materials. If you have any green or brown material that can be cut up and used for weaving, please send it in to your child’s class teacher. We will also be studying the artist L.S. Lowry and how his use of perspective in paintings.


The children are exploring the human and physical geography England. We will be working with a range of different maps , atlases and online tools of deepen and broaden our geography of England and be able to compare and contrast it to other places in the world. We will also be studying the rainforests of south America in detail.



Summer 1      

Children will begin the term by looking at reports and focus on strange happenings around the school. We continue to write autobiographies about ourselves.

Children will continue to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We are continuing to create problems for the children to solve which show their four rules knowledge. We also focus on fractions. We continue our work on measures and time.

This half term we focus on forces. We look at gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. Children will carry out investigations around these forces.

This half term we are looking at Buddhism and the eight-fold path. Children learn about how Buddhism started and the ‘four noble truths’ that Buddhists believe.

Our computing topic this half term is ‘we are cryptographers’ which means that we are looking at coded messages and creating our own codes to crack. This will include QR codes. We will also continue to work on SCRATCH.

Children will continue swimming each Wednesday. It is important that your child has swimming kit, hat and towel each week. In our PE lesson, we will continue to use the FUNS cards and children are working co-ordination and balances and how they are useful in games.  

This half term we are going to be designing, creating and evaluating junk models with moving parts. Children will use levers and CAMS to create a model that has moving parts. The product they create will also link to our science work.  


Summer 2


We focus on Romeo and Juliet as our basis to create a range of genres of writing showing of features that we have learnt throughout the year, as well as consolidating topics that children will have covered in previous years.


Children will continue work on their four rules. We also look at Roman numerals and place value in large numbers. Children will solve problems involving percentages. Children also look at perimeter, area and scale drawings. The children also create and analyse different types of graph.


This half term teachers will choose areas of science that they feel the class may need to work on as well as consolidating the investigative skills that the children have acquired.


The children will learn about Ancient Greeks. The time period that they come from. Daily life including entertainment, clothing and society. They will also look at key places in Ancient Greece such as Athens and Sparta.


Children will design and make Greek style vases using clay skills.,_shapes_and.aspx


Children will continue to swim and consolidate skills they have learnt throughout the year. In our outdoor PE lesson, we will be practising a range of athletics and team games.


In ICT, the children will continue to use SCRATCH and other programing sites to use heir skills. They will also create graphs and analyse data, linking to our maths focus. 

Spring 2


Children start the term by looking at the fantastic Journey to Jo’burg. We study stories from other cultures and continue a story set in another culture. We will then look at biographies.


Children will continue to look at the four rules and using them in context. We also look at capacity problems as well as Fractions and percentages.


We will look at plants and how the plants reproduce as well as dissecting and learning about the parts of a plant. Children will also investigate growing plants in different conditions.


This half term we focus on Buddhism. We look at how Buddhists follow the eight-fold path.


Our computing topic this half term is We Are Painters. Children will use programmes to create repeating patterns. This links to our Islam topic from last half term. 


The children will continue swimming each Wednesday at the Sylvestrian leisure centre. We will also look at developing our gymnastics skills.  


We will look at Brazil and compare and contrast it to England. We will look at rich and poor areas of Brazil. Our focus will then turn to the rainforest and deforestation.


This half term we our focus is Poster Design. We will be making posters based around our rainforest work and especially the deforestation of the rainforest.  

During Autumn 2 our topic is the Vikings.

In literacy we will look at George and the Dragon and will create our own legend stories. We will then move on to creating instructions on how to train a dragon. History is our main subject and we will focus on the Vikings. This will include Viking jobs, clothing, homes, long-ships and Viking Gods.

We will look at Christians who have put their faith into action for RE.

In PE, we continue swimming and also continue working on core skills in PE. Numeracy looks at written methods for multiplication and division.

Through ICT, we are going to create games that will link to our Vikings topic. Also we look at 2D and 3D shapes as well as fractions.

We also will be working on our production, although the title is still being wildly debated by the Year 5 team!

During Autumn 1 our topic is Dragons Den.

Children will create adverts in literacy and use ICT to create presentations selling a famous invention from recent history as if it were their own. This will involve History, ICT, Literacy and Numeracy skills. Children will create adverts, presentations, prototype models and a pitch to take into the Dragons Den.

Children will focus on properties of materials in Science and plan to carry out investigations.

The children will also begin their swimming lessons each Wednesday.

Children will learn about important places in the world for Christians during RE.

In Numeracy children will develop written methods for addition and subtraction. We will also look at angles and area, perimeter and length.

Our ICT topic is e-safety and the children will learn about staying safe online. We also begin work on coding. 

You can download SCRATCH for free and start coding at home!

You may want to look at downloading different apps

iMovie or any app that allows you to edit film.

Times table apps to practise speed of times tables

Number pieces – to show use of Dienes equipment

----------------------------------------------------- 2013/14

During Summer 1 the Year 5 topic is Disasters!
In literacy, Year 5 will look at stories from other cultures and create our own stories. We focus on stories from Japan, South Africa and Australia. 
We will be studying the water cycle in Science before moving on to looking at natural disasters around the world, as the main part of our topic. We will learn how and why natural disasters occur and how people respond to them.  We will use the iPads to create stop-motion videos of natural disasters. In R.E. we will look at Hinduism 

During summer 2 the Year 5 topic is Tudors.

In literacy, we will create our own play-scripts - creating our own characters and settings. After that we will study the Highwayman - a poem by Alfred Noyes. 
In Science, we study Earth, Sun and Moon discovering and learning all about the Solar System and how the Earth, Sun and Moon all inter-link.
We also go on an exciting trip to Kentwell - an exciting and interesting day interacting as Tudors. 

We also continue using SCRATCH in ICT across both half terms.
Year 5 also carry on swimming each Friday. 
Our R.E. topics this term are Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Children are encouraged to use as often as possible
Some websites to visit to extend learning at home


In the first Spring half term Year 5 will be completing a School of Rock topic. We will be looking at lots of work based around sound including how sounds are made, how we hear sounds and how to change sounds. We hope to visit a recording studio to see how it has been soundproofed. In literacy, the children will create sound poems, magazine articles on a band and instructions on how to play an instrument that they have made. In ICT, we will record and create sounds using the Ipads. We will also study the Ten commandments and Hajj as part of our RE studies. 

In the second half term, our topic focus is Exciting Egyptians (topic name subject to change) and the children will be learning about Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, farmers and traditions. We will look at the incredibly exciting topic of mummification as well as discovering information about Tutankhamun. We aim to visit the British Museum to see the amazing Egyptian exhibition. In Literacy, children will write using detailed description as well as persuading people through formal letters. Children will learn how to use photo editing software to improve photographs. In Art, the children will work on still life drawings focusing on Islamic art. We will also learn about life cycles and adaptations of humans, plants and animals. 

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