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Year 5

Autumn 2017

Our topic in this term is The Vikings. We will be looking at the conflict between the Vikings and the Anglo- Saxons with a focus on the key invasions and impact on life in Britain at the time.

In English we will be reading and writing a variety of texts from a range of genres, both fiction and non- fiction. These will include biographies, stories with dilemmas and resolution, poetry and instructions. We will have text based units where much of the work is based around the text read at story-time.


In Maths we will be enhancing understanding of place value, the four operations, mental and written strategies for solving calculations. We will also be further developing the understanding of number through reasoning and problem solving tasks.


Our science focus is: Properties and changes of materials. We will be discussing why certain materials are used in everyday objects. The children will also look at solutions and mixtures and how we can filter materials. The children will be also be using their investigation skills to plan and carry out investigations.


We will be looking at a range of still life pictures from various artists. Using techniques learnt throughout the term we will then produce our own still life painting. We will also use the computers to create images.


Our R.E. focus is Christianity.


We also have the year 5 production to look forward to on 6th December.

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