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Year 4

Summer 2017

Our two topics this term are ‘Ancient Egypt’ and ‘The Beach’ and we have lots of exciting activities and days planned for the children.

In English, our topics will range from contrasting settings, writing instructions, forming balanced arguments as well as creating and writing quests. We will be asking the children to think carefully about the vocabulary that they use and think about the effect that their writing is having on the reader.

Our first topic is history based and will focus on learning about Ancient Egypt with particular focus on mummification and Tutankhamun. We will link this across our curriculum by creating Tutankhamun death masks in Art and writing instructions on mummification in English.

After half term, the children will focus on geography and compare our local area and the use of the land with a coastal area. The children will see how the land is used differently in the separate areas, how places have changes and how tourism affects transport.

During our science lessons, the children will learn about teeth and the digestive system. We will then learn about environmental factors that affect living things.

In ICT, the children will learn how to create PowerPoints that have a variety of slide transitions and effects in them

In maths this term, we will be consolidating our four rules methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Furthermore, we will be working on fractions and shapes. The children need to keep practising their key instant recall facts that were sent home at the start of this term.

In PE – the children will be continuing with our REAL PE scheme of work – practising and developing fundamental skills that are transferable into all sports as well as using skills and tactics in a range of situations. For outdoor PE, the children will be participating in striking and fielding games such as rounders and cricket. Please make sure you have both indoor and outdoor PE kits.

Our RE topics this term include Buddhism – the four noble truths as well as Islam and learning about the creation story. We will also be consolidating and discussing our learning from across the year in RE.


Learning links:

Ancient Egypt - mummification pyramids.

Geogrpahy: coasts


Good games to practise maths skills.



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