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Year 4

Autumn 2017

This term promises to be a very exciting one as we have some great topics to work with! Our topic work will be led by our History and Geography focus, The Saxons. The children will learn about how the Saxon invasions changed Britain after the departure of the Romans up until the Norman invasion of 1066. We will be studying Saxon life, culture and art as well as the Saxon kingdoms that were created during this period. In Geography, the children will learn about why locations are chosen for human settlement and begin to learn map-reading skills.


In our Art lessons the children will be learning different painting and printing techniques and will be studying the designs and purpose of Saxon artwork. By the end of the half term the children will have created their own Saxon brooches. In DT, the children will create wooden Saxon carts.


In English this year we will be centring our learning on a number of key texts, including The Sound Collector by Roger McGough and Gillian Cross’ The Demon Headmaster. These will inspire the children’s own writing over a range of genres. We will be recapping the grammar taught in Year 3, particularly varied sentence openers and accurate punctuation of sentences. In our Spelling we will look at prefixes and suffixes as well as apostrophe use.


In Maths, the children will further their understanding place value and use more efficient methods for mental calculations. After this, we will move on to learning about multiplication and division facts. The children will recap the written ‘grid’ method taught last year and begin to learn multiples of 7 and 9. We will end the half term by linking these division facts to the children’s understanding of fractions of numbers. After the half term the our focus will be on expanding the numbers with which children are comfortable working, with the focus on tenths and hundredths of a whole. By Christmas we would hope that the children are working towards an ability to recall all multiplication and corresponding division facts up to 12 x 12.


In Science, the children will learn about sound. They will explore different sounds and learn about how these sounds travel as well as how the human ear is able to identify different sounds. The children have already had a ‘sound day’ in which they participated in four sessions based around sound as vibration.


In Computing, the children will learn how to use a virtual studio with the program Soundation as well as using word processing programs to write short stories.


In RE, we will be learning about Christian churches, comparing the architecture of different buildings and exploring the shared purpose for prayer and celebration. This will be followed by a topic on Judaism and how adherence to this religion affects the everyday life of Jewish people.


In PE, the children will be taught tennis whilst in gymnastics the focus will be on balance and control through series of movements.


History (Saxons)

Maths (all topics covered)

English (prefix and suffix game)

Science (Video clips about sound as vibration)

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