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Year 3

Spring term

Our geography theme for the Spring term will be Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Throughout this topic, we will learn about how volcanoes are formed, where they can be found and complete case studies on specific volcanoes around the world. After the half term, the children will move on to exploring earthquakes and tsunamis.


Our Science topic this half term is Rocks and Fossils. We will learn about different types of rocks and their properties. We are also looking forward to making and excavating our own fossils using clay! Following the half term, our next topic will be Forces and Magnets, where we will explore forces including friction, air resistance, water resistance, pushes and pulls. We will also learn about Magnets.  To support our learning on forces, the children will visit the Science Museum, where we will explore the Wonderlab as well as watch a ‘Feel the force’ show. We are really looking forward to this trip!


In English, the children have been working hard to create their own versions of ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. Within this topic they have been learning about poetic devices such as onomatopoeia, imagery, simile, alliteration and repeated refrains. We have also been learning how to improve our vocabulary for effect.

Following this we will read and explore ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. The children will become journalists and write newspaper articles and diary entries during this topic.

During Spring 2, we will begin the half term by learning about, and writing our own versions of, ‘Written in March’ by William Wordsworth. Our next topic in English will be adventure stories, where the children will write a story using their geography knowledge of volcanoes and earthquakes as inspiration for an adventure.


In Maths, this half term we will begin by looking at money, using partitioning to add and subtract totals containing 3 digits. We will solve problems involving missing numbers using our knowledge of place value and number facts. Later, we will revisit 2d shapes and their properties including angles and whether these shapes have parallel or perpendicular lines. Finally, we will look at reading the time.  During Spring 2, we will revisit Multiplication and division, multiplying numbers by multiples of ten and dividing with remainders. Leading on from this, we will look at measuring using grams and kilograms. After this, we will revisit fractions of numbers, looking at counting in tenths and comparing and ordering unit fractions with the same denominators. Finally, we will look at statistics including bar charts, pictograms and tables.


During Spring 1, our RE topic is Hinduism, where we will learn about life as a Hindu and the Hindu community. In Spring 2 we will learn about Judaism including the Synagogue, Torah and family life for Jewish people.


In computing, we will continue our work on ‘We are presenters’, preparing short commentaries linked to our geography work.  Our next topic will be ‘We are communicators’ where we will learn about the importance of e-safety and how to communicate safely online.


Our PE focus for the first half term will be on developing the children’s cognitive skills, through building sequences requiring ball control and balance. Our Outdoor PE will be Cricket. During Spring 2, our PE focus will be Dance. The children will also develop their creative skills, with a physical focus on coordination with equipment and counter balance in pairs.


In Music, the children will be learning about Mexican music and will learn to sing a range of songs, creating accompaniments using percussion instruments. After the half term, the children will create accompaniments and sound pictures to reflect sounds in their local environment.

In Art this half term, we will look at using mod-roc to create Volcanoes. In food technology, the children will make ‘Rocky Road’. After half term, the children will learn about textiles.


Our topic this term is The Stone Age. During our History lessons the children will be studying life in the Stone Age and looking at the technological changes that brought about the Bronze and Iron Ages. We have a WOW day planned for Monday 29th October.  On this day we will be dressing up as characters from the Stone Age and completing a range of exciting activities!  Hopefully we’ll prove to be good hunters!

Our science topic for this half term is Animals including humans. Within this topic, we will explore nutrition and how we need different types of nutrition to live. We will also explore the human skeleton and muscles, looking at how our skeleton protects us and how we need our muscles for support and movement. Our Science topic for next half term will be light and shadows, where we will learn about how light is reflected and how shadows are created.

In English, we have begun our work on ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, by Roald Dahl. Within this unit we will look at character description and descriptive phrases including the use of adjectives and imagery as well as prepositions. Our non- fiction writing this half term will be based around Art and Culture week. After half term, the children will become poets as they write their own versions of ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. Following on from this, the children will begin work on ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne.

In Maths this half term our focus is on place value and calculation. We will begin with revisiting addition and subtraction, ensuring that the children have a solid understanding of the number system in preparation for future work. We will also be looking at multiplication and division facts before the half term. In the run up to Christmas we will focus on fractions before returning to multiplication and division, looking more closely at halving and doubling. We will continue to hold half termly maths challenge days that will test your child’s recall skills. This half term our challenge will be on multiplication and division facts for the 3 times table with the focus being the 6 times table in Autumn 2.

Our RE topic is Islam, looking specifically at the Mosque whilst after half term we will study festivals in Christianity.

In Computing, we will study programming using software such as Scratch. After half term, our topic will be ‘We are presenters’ where the children will learn how to prepare, record and edit short videos. We are really looking forward to this! 

In PE, our indoor PE will focus on Personal skills (balance, using the space around us, cooperation and teamwork) whilst in outdoor PE we are developing the children’s football skills. After half term, our outdoor PE will be Athletics and our indoor PE will focus on developing balancing skills, both seated and standing.  

Below are some links to websites and online games that will be of great benefit to your child this term:


Table trainer/ number gym (tablet App)

IamLearning (

Timestable Rockstars (All children will be given a log-in for this.)


Scratch programming (tablet App)

English: (great website for writing inspiration) (lots of information regarding the grammatical aspects of writing taught)

The BBC site also has great resources relevant to our RE and Science topics this term.

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