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Year 3

Autumn 2017

Our topic this term is The Stone Age. During our History lessons the children will be studying life in the Stone Age and looking at the technological changes that brought about the Bronze and Iron Ages. We have a WOW day planned for Monday 16th October. On this day we will be dressing up as Stone Age hunters and completing a range of exciting activities! Hopefully we’ll prove to be good hunters!

In Geography, we will be studying mountains and volcanoes, looking both at where these are found around the globe as well as their formation and, in the case of volcanoes, the reasons that they erupt.

Our Science topic fits in well with our Geography as we shall be learning about Rocks and Fossils in the first half of the term. After the half term break we will then study animals including humans.

In English, we have completed a mini-project on Michael Rosen’s poem ‘Chocolate Cake’ and have now begun to explore ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, by Roald Dahl. Within this unit we will look at character description and descriptive phrases including the use of adjectives and imagery as well as prepositions. Our non- fiction writing this half term will be newspaper reports, recounting the extraordinary adventures of George and his Grandma! In the second half of the term we will be looking at five part stories and non-chronological reports.

In Maths this half term our focus is on place value and calculation. We will spend a lot of time seeking to build the conceptual understanding that underpins the formal methods of addition and subtraction. We will also be looking at multiplication and division facts before the half term. In the run up to Christmas we will focus on fractions before returning to multiplication and division, looking more closely at halving and doubling. We will continue to hold half termly maths challenge days that will test your child’s recall skills. This half term our challenge will be on multiplication and division facts for the 3 times table with the focus being the 6 times table in Autumn 2.

Our RE topic is Islam, looking specifically at the Five Pillars of Islam whilst after half term we will study the importance of the Advent in the Christian calendar.

In ICT, we will study programming using software such as Scratch.

In PE, our focus is balance and coordination in gym whilst in Games we are developing the children’s Tennis skills.

Below are some links to websites and online games that will be of great benefit to your child this term:


Maths/ ICT:

  • Scratch programming (tablet App)

  • Espresso coding (discovery education website)


The BBC site also has great resources relevant to our RE and Science topics this term.

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