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Year 2

Spring 2019

We have started this term by reading the story of ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne and exploring the different characters in the book. The children will have the opportunity to change parts of the story and make it their own.

Also in this term, Year 2 will be learning about the Plague of 1665 and life in London at that time. The children will learn about the different causes and cures of the disease and will have the opportunity to invent their own medicine bags. The children will use the information they learn from this topic to write letters from the time of the plague. The children will also have the chance to explore performance poetry, particularly looking at Ring o’ Roses.

This will lead us onto our next history topic of The Great Fire of London later on in the term. The children will learn about the events of the fire and the famous diary of Samuel Pepys. They will learn about the features of diary writing and then write their own. We will also explore poetry once again and look at different poems about the great fire before writing our own.

Our science this term is ‘materials and their uses’. The topic will be introduced by allowing the children to explore different materials and sort them into groups. They will then discuss how the properties of the materials allow them to be suited to their purpose and how materials can change by processes such as heating and cooling.

During this term, our art work will focus on different styles of illustration, looking at modern techniques used in ‘Into the Forest’ as well as older art work relating to aspects of the plague. After half term we will move on to building structures using a variety of materials.

Our religious education topics this term are Islam and Life as a Muslim and Christianity and Easter.

As part of their music lessons, the children in year 2 will continue to develop their understanding of high and low pitch, rhythm, beat and tone, as well as having opportunities to use a variety of musical instruments.

In ICT this term the children will be given the opportunity to improve their research skills and learn to make a group PowerPoint presentation.

In maths, the pupils will continue to consolidate their understanding of place value. We will begin to count in steps of 3 this half term as well as continuing to practise counting forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We will also use different strategies to add and subtract, including partitioning and counting on (with links to money and calculating change). We will also multiply and divide using arrays, repeated subtraction and addition.

During physical education lessons the children will continue to build up their co-operation and teamwork skills. They will also develop their balance and co-ordination skills.

We will continue to have daily reading lessons, along with reading comprehension sessions, to ensure both reading for meaning and word reading become established. Handwriting and spelling practise will also take place daily with a spelling test taking place on each Friday.

Useful websites

The Plague




This term Year 2 will be learning all about animals! We will begin by looking at a variety of habitats, comparing the creatures that live there and considering how they have adapted to suit their environment. During the second part of the term, we will move on to focusing on how animals grow and change (including humans) and learning about simple lifecycles. The pupils will also learn about basic hygiene and ways to be healthy.

This learning will be incorporated into many areas of the curriculum. In English we will be looking at stories from around the world and writing setting descriptions for different habitats. We will then be writing animal riddles for our peers to solve and writing instructions for making (a healthy) tea for a tiger!

In Art we will be learning about prints and patterns and using what we find out to create camouflage pictures and animal prints. Our Design Technology work will have us planning and creating healthy, well-balanced meals.

Our Geography will have us thinking about how various environments and habitats across the world compare to our local area and we will also be learning about the continents and oceans.

Developing our mapping skills in Geography will also come in handy for our History topic which involves learning about famous explorers from the past. We will find out key facts about them and plot their journeys.

As part of their Religious Education the children will learn about the Hindu festival of Diwali and about the importance of the church within Christianity.

We will continue to have daily phonics lessons, along with reading comprehension sessions, to ensure both reading for understanding and word reading become established. Handwriting and spelling practise will also take place daily with a spelling test taking place on each Friday.

Our Maths this term will build on and consolidate written and mental methods for simple addition and subtraction. We will reintroduce multiplication and division and ensure pupils are comfortable with these concepts and have a breadth of strategies for solving arithmetic problems across all four mathematical functions. The children will be encouraged to use reasoning and logic when approaching all maths problems and we will discuss and practise a range of problem-solving techniques. 

During PE the pupils will build on skills such as defending, attacking and shooting. They will also practise hitting, catching and running. This will take shape in the form of team games and lessons that focus on one skill at a time. The pupils will also focus on coordination and balance.


Great website for finding out all about animals in different habitats:

Google Earth is wonderful for exploring the globe from your sofa!

A good introduction to exploration:

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