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Planning of topics in Reception is done on a weekly basis. Staff plan topics which are based around the children’s interests. Please look at the notice outside the class to find out what the topic is for the week. For the first few weeks the focus will be on settling in, learning the school routines and making friends. Our first topic will be “All about me”.

Phonics and reading parents' workshops

Friday 14th October 

Bluebell and Poppy  9 - 9.30am

Clover and Daisy 2.30 – 3pm

These will be informative sessions to explain to you how we teach phonics in Reception in our school. One of the most important things you can do to help your child is to read to them regularly. Children will bring a book home on Tuesdays and Fridays; please read it with them and encourage them to enjoy books. Also please make sure children bring in their book bags every Tuesday and Friday.



Please make sure that your child has a P.E. kit in school in a named bag, this can stay on their named pegs in their classroom. They need shorts above the knee and a T-shirt. They do not need plimsolls.

Daisy, Poppy and Bluebell class do P.E. on a Tuesday

Clover class does P.E. on a Wednesday


Barnaby Bear

Barnaby Bear will come home with your child occasionally during the week or for the weekend. He’ll come with a book and a letter telling you what to do with him! He can join you on a trip to the supermarket, going to the park, visiting friends or anything else you’re doing over the weekend. Then you and your child can draw or write something about where he’s been or what he’s done. When he comes home to you please look after him and send him back to school ready for his next adventure!



We are introducing a WOW board over the next few weeks that will stay in place over the year. We would like you to share any special significant moments, big or small that your child has at home or in the community. For example, they can now swim without armbands; they can now butter their own bread, they can now ride a bicycle etc. These very special moments for you and your child. Please ask your child’s keyworker for additional WOW templates when you need them.

Summer 2016

The children in Reception will be working on their school readiness targets for the Summer Term:

  • I am beginning to understand the consequences of my actions

  • I can talk about my work and feel proud of my achievements

  • I can follow a narrative and talk about the setting, characters and plot

  • I can solve practical problems

  • I can play a turn taking game independently

  • I can form my numbers to 10 correctly

  • I can recite 10 familiar nursery rhymes


The children now each have their own writing books. We do lots of different types of writing for example writing lists, news writing and writing stories using story language like “Once upon a time”, “One day” etc. We also practise writing our names and correct letter formation. All children work according to their own abilities and they use their phonic knowledge to make phonetically plausible attempts to write words, simple sentences and stories. They are not expected at this stage to spell words correctly but just to have a go writing what sounds they can hear in a word.

We will continue to work on each child’s individual targets on their personalised target cards.

We will continue to be recognising and ordering numbers to 20. We will be doing simple subtraction by taking way a smaller number from a bigger number to find out the answer, using cubes/objects to help us.  We will learn the take-away - and equals = signs and what they mean. The children will be saying which number is 1 more or 1 less than a given number. We will also be solving problems like doubling, halving and sharing.


This half-term we will be going on an exciting trip to the Fire-station in Walthamstow using public transport the 123 bus to get there! Afterwards we will eat our lunch and visit Lloyd Park.


Our topic for the first 3 weeks will be all about “Space and the planets”. We will be talking about the order of the planets, what they look like, what they are made up of, which is the biggest and smallest planet etc. We will be writing lists of what we would need to take to the moon with us and making 3D planets and printing the craters on the moon etc.


In July we will be going on our big summer visit to Suntrap, where we will be doing lots of exciting outdoor activities and learning. 2 classes will be going on the 12 July and 2 classes will be going on the 14 July. We will be going all day during school hours. A separate letter with all the information you need, including your consent will be given out nearer the time in June.

Spring 2016

The children in Reception will be working on their school readiness targets for the Spring Term which are:

  • I know the names of all my peers and my teachers
  • I can hold a pencil with a controlled grip
  • I can write my name forming all the letters correctly
  • I can write words independently
  • I can dress and undress for PE independently
  • I can observe and ask questions about things I see in my environment


The children in Reception also have personal targets which they will be working on. We will be sharing the targets with the children so that they know what they need to achieve, for example “I can recognize all my numbers to 10”, I can hear the sounds in CVC words”, “I can read the tricky words to, the, no, go, I”.


We will continue to be recognizing and ordering numbers to 20. We will be doing simple addition by adding two groups of objects together to find out the answer. We will learn the plus + and equals = signs and what they mean.


The children will continue to learn to form the letters of their names correctly. A capital letter at the beginning and then all the rest of the letters to be lowercase, if you could encourage them at home that would be great. We are also learning to listen for sounds in words and to write simple words using our phonic knowledge. We will then start to write simple sentences using our phonic knowledge. Do not worry if your child’s words are not spelt correctly, the most important thing is that they are writing the sounds they can hear and having a go


Our topic for the first 2 weeks is the story “Chicken Licken” we will be reading the story, acting it out, writing about it, learning a poem about Chicken Licken and doing many more activities linked to this book. On Friday 22nd January the children will bring home an A3 story scene with some stickers. Please share the story with them and then they can stick the stickers in the correct place on the story scene, very exciting!


We have 2 very exciting visits planned for this half term. The Animal Man will be visiting on Monday 1st February and the children will be learning about lots of exotic animals, where they live in the world, what they eat and some interesting facts about them. We are also having a special visit from the Dogs Trust on Tuesday 9th February. They will be bringing a dog in to school to teach the children about dog safety and how to look after animals.


The children will also be learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year. They will learn it is the Year of the Monkey by listening to the age old story of how it all began many, many years ago. We will be doing art work, making dragons and cooking Chinese stir fry.




Picture 1
Picture 2

We started our Summer term in Reception with a trip to the shops down Orford Road. We had a great time purchasing different items. We bought plants to care for and ingredients to make different items in our class, like cupcakes and biscuits. We enjoyed reading lots of different books like “The shopping basket” and “Don’t forget the bacon”.

To help your child to become familiar with money you could show them different coins and let them pay for items by counting out the correct coins for e.g. the newspaper or a sweet they might get as a treat or a loaf of bread.


The children are having a great time carrying out different investigations and experiments in our school’s Science Week. They are taking part in chocolate tasting, making volcano’s, looking at the effects of mixing different liquids together, talking about what happens to colours during ink dipping and using magnets. The children will be encouraged to predict what might happen and why they think that before the experiment takes place and then talk about what they can see happening when the experiment is taking place.


The children will be having a very exciting trip to Walthamstow Fire station, where they will get to explore a fire engine, dress up in a fireman’s uniform and learn about fire safety. This will be taking place in the week beginning the 11th May 2015.


During Literacy the children will be looking at pictures to help them to work out difficult words as picture cues are a very important part of reading. They will be predicting what might happen next in the story before they read the words and talking about the characters and setting. They are also learning to answer what, why and how questions. We are also continuing to practise writing our names with the correct letter formation.


In Maths we will be confidently recognizing numbers out of sequence to 20, 1 more, 1 less to 10 and ordering numbers to 20. We will also be pointing at individual objects to count them.


Please keep helping your child to put their shoes and socks on by themselves and to do up their own coats. These activities help them to become independent and develop their fine motor skills.

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