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Summer 1 2017

Our broad topic is Animals for the next term. We will be finding out about lots of different animals, their habitats, camouflaging etc. We will be looking at non-fiction books – talking about the contents page, glossary, index and pictures and learning how to retrieve information from non-fiction books. We are getting duck eggs in school on the 2nd May, very exciting, so the children will be going to see the eggs watching them hatch (hopefully!), talking about the changes they can see happening and making a duck egg diary, following the different stages as they see them happening.

In P.E we will be doing dance through imaginative stories, learning to put 2 different movements together and creating a routine with a partner. We will learn to follow instructions and work together co-operatively to create a set of movements.


In Maths the children will be confidently recognising numbers out of sequence to 20; they will also be ordering numbers to 20. They will be saying the number 1 more and 1 less to 10. They will also be doing practical addition and subtraction sums, doubling and sharing. We will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes and talking about and naming their properties


When your child brings their reading book home on Tuesday, please remember to keep it until Reading Morning on Friday. Children in Reception need to read every day and they benefit from reading the same book several times. The children are getting much more confident with their reading now, which is lovely to see. They are looking at the pictures to help them to work out difficult words; picture cues are a very important part of reading. They are predicting what might happen next in the story before they read the words and talking about the characters and setting. They are also learning to answer why, what and how questions.

Please could you keep practising with your child to put on their shoes and socks by themselves, doing up their own coats and to cut accurately with a pair of scissors. All of these activities will help them to become independent and develop their fine motor skills.

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