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Spring 2017

Our key workers in the Nursery are:                                                        

Sue - Lion group.

Mira - Elephant group.

Louann - Giraffe group.

Shaista - Zebra group.


Planning for topics in Nursery is done on a weekly basis. Staff plan topics which are based around the children’s interests. Please ask the Nursery staff for more information about what we are learning each week. For the first few weeks the focus will be on settling in, learning the school routines and making new friends. Our first topic will be “All about me”.


We are introducing a WOW tree this  that will stay in place throughout the year. We would like you to share any special significant moments, big or small that your child has at home or in the community. For example, they can now swim without armbands; they can now butter their own bread, they can now ride a tricycle, they can brush their own teeth, etc. This is a really special way to strengthen ties between home and school. These very important moments for you and your child can then be shared with their key worker and talked about in Nursery during carpet sessions. There will be a plastic wallet containing leaves for you to write on and then you can stick them on our WOW tree. The WOW tree is on the wall as you come into the Nursery. Please remember to write the date on your leaf so we can keep track of when things happen.


Please visit our admissions page for more information about applying or a Reception place for September 2017.

Summer 2016

The children in Nursery will be working on their school readiness targets for the Summer Term:

  • I can ride a trike

  • I can put my coat on by myself

  • I can put my shoes on

  • I can count in order to 10

  • I can listen during carpet sessions

  • I can make snips with scissors

  • I can put my hand up when I want to speak

  • I can write some letters of my name

  • I can name my colours

  • I can recite 3 familiar Nursery rhymes

  • I can pour my own water at the snack table

  • I can name the farm animals – cat, dog, rabbit, horse, sheep, pig, cow, chicken, duck


    You can help your child to achieve these targets by practising with them at home. Self-help skills are very important when starting school so encourage your child to put their coat and shoes on by themselves and pouring their own drinks during meal times.

  • Count different things when you are out and about like buses, cars etc or at home like getting them to help you lay the table and counting out how many forks you will need for everyone in your family to eat their dinner, count how many people are in their family, or how many times they can hop on 1 leg etc. Name the different colours when you are helping your child to get dressed of their trousers, shoes etc and talk about the different colours of things when you are walking to school etc. Allow your child to cut out and stick pictures from magazines. It is very important that you talk to your child at every opportunity, for example, what you are doing that day.

  • Brooks Farm on Skeltons Lane in Leyton is a lovely farm to visit with children to help with naming farm animals and it is lots of fun. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am until 5pm; it is also open on a bank holiday Mondays. It is FREE to visit and there is an adventure playground next door. They plan special activities during holiday times as well. Visit their website


The topic for the first 2 weeks is Spring and the children will be looking at changes in the environment, flowers growing, leaves turning green etc. They will be doing observational drawings of flowers such as daffodils and talking about baby animals that are born in Spring and changes to the weather. They will also talk about different life-cycles for example the caterpillar to the butterfly and the egg to chick.


Nursery will be going to Jubilee Park on the 15 July for their summer visit. They will travel there by bus. We will be going all day during school hours. A separate letter with all the information you need, including your consent will be given out nearer the time in June.

Spring 2016

The children in Nursery will be working on their school readiness targets for the Spring Term which are:

  • I know the difference between good and bad choices
  • I can stay dry and go to the toilet independently
  • I can hang my coat on my peg
  • I can open and enjoy a book
  • I can talk in sentences
  • I can join in when reciting Nursery rhymes
  • I can call the adults in Nursery by name
  • I can complete a simple jigsaw puzzle
  • I can sort and match objects
  • I can take turns with support
  • I can talk about myself and things that interest me


You can help your children to achieve some of these targets above at home: by doing jigsaw puzzles together, which can be a nice sharing time with family members; reading books together and talking about what is happening in the pictures and asking your child what, why and how questions; teaching them Nursery rhymes You can find different Nursery rhymes in the pack that was sent home with your child last term. (if you have mislaid your pack ask a member of Nursery staff and they will be able to get you another one). You can also download the nursery rhyme sheet below.


We will continue to be recognizing numbers to 10 and then we will be learning to order numbers to 5 and then 10. The children will be counting to 10, using their fingers and objects to support them. They will also be counting with 1-1 correspondence which means touching each object as they count. You can do fun things on the way home like counting how many buses/bicycles/cars they can see or looking at numbers on the doors of houses, buses etc.


The children who are ready will start to form the letters of their names correctly, using a name card to trace over the letters, so that they can begin to see what the letters look like. If your child is keen to write her/his name could you please teach them that their name has a capital letter at the beginning and then all the rest of the letters are lowercase. The children have started Phonics phase 1 in Nursery this term, very exciting!


The children will also be learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year. They will learn it is the Year of the Monkey by listening to the age old story of how it all began many, many years ago. We will be doing art work, making dragons and cooking a Chinese stir fry.



We started Summer in Nursery with growing and planting. The children planted their own bean seeds and talked about what plants need to grow. We shared stories like Jack and the Beanstalk and Jasper’s beanstalk.

We are busy enjoying a fantastic Science week and carrying out lots of cool experiments, like bubbling brew and dancing raisins. We are finding out what happens when we mix different ingredients together and we are learning to talk about what we can see happening. How exciting!

In May we will be getting a visit from the Walthamstow Fire brigade and they will be bringing a fire engine for the children to explore. They will be allowed to climb inside, try on a fire fighter’s hat and sit in the driver’s seat! We will also be going on a trip to Tumble in the Jungle in small groups, to explore our local area while walking there and playing with our friends when we get there. May is going to be an exciting month!


We are encouraging the children to start writing their names this term, using their name cards initially and then as they gain confidence to write their names on a piece of paper supported by an adult. All children will work at their own pace and it would be great if you could help your child with their name writing at home. A capital letter for the first sound of their name and then lower case letters for the rest of their name.

Number work is continuing all the time with recognizing numerals to 10 out of sequence, which means showing the children the numbers in a random order. We are also counting by rote to 10 and starting to put numbers in order from 1 – 5. You can do lots of number songs at home with your children to encourage counting forwards and backwards, for e.g. 5 little speckled frogs, 5 little ducks went swimming one day, ten in the bed. You will find these songs on You tube.


We will be continuing with phonics activities during the Nursery session, listening for the initial sound in words, thinking of words that rhyme. You can help your child with this by playing games like “I spy with my little eye something beginning with “s” or making up strings of words that rhyme, for e.g. cat, mat, hat, bat

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