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Annual Egg Decorating competition

It is our annual Easter Egg Decorating competition at the end of March. Closing date for decorated eggs Tuesday 28th March

Decorate a hardboiled or blown egg! Create a story character, link your egg to your class topic, a superhero egg, animals… just use your imagination, paint, cotton wool, paper and scraps of fabric. Then bring your decorated egg into school by Tuesday 28th March.

Hard boil egg for an hour then decorate when cool. If the eggs are to be blown, make a small hole in one end, a slightly larger hole in the other, and insert a knitting needle, or a toothpick to pierce the membrane around the yolk, and mix the yolk with the egg white. Hold the egg over a bowl, and blow gently through the smaller hole until all the egg is out of the shell. Wash the shell with warm water, and rinse with vinegar.

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