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February 2018: Happiness and safety

One of the Governing Body’s statutory (legal) responsibilities is safeguarding in the school. That means making sure that the school promotes the welfare of children and protects them from harm. To make sure that we are thinking about safeguarding from all angles, the safeguarding leads from the Governing Body met with the Henry Maynard School Council to talk about happiness and safety at school.

It was brilliant to hear that overall the pupils do feel happy and safe in school and in particular that they value the teachers and other staff and feel comfortable talking to them if they have any problems.

The members of the school council were articulate and engaging and the whole discussion was complementary and positive about all of the different measures that the school has put in place for supporting them.

One aspect of school that the council were particularly complementary about was the availability of the learning mentors and the Place2Be support network. Place2Be is the UK’s leading mental health charity who provide in-school support and expert training to help to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and staff.

The pupils said that Place2Be is good because:

“you can let everything out and talk” and;

“if you don’t want to talk you can draw a picture and sometimes they know what you’re feeling from that”.

As Governors we are hugely encouraged that students are so positive about how their wellbeing is supported at school and, as always, very impressed with the dedication of the school’s safeguarding leads.

January 2018: "Hello" from the Governing Body

Hi from the Governors at Henry Maynard. You may have noticed that we now have a Governors’ blog area on the website and I wanted to take a little time to explain the kinds of blog posts that you will be seeing from us. But first, it might be helpful to understand a little more about what the role of the Governing Body is. The role of the governing body is to set the strategic direction, vision and ethos of the school and to support the Mrs Adair as the Headteacher of Henry Maynard.


One of the things that parents said in the survey was that we as Governors are quite remote from parents and so we are launching the Governors’ blogs to help parents understand how we work with the school and also to show you some of the fantastic things that teachers at Henry Maynard are doing with the lessons and education that you may not be aware of.


There will mostly be two different kinds of blogs that we write as governors:

  1. Blogs based on Link Visit reports. Each of the Governors has a responsibility for different parts of the curriculum e.g. Science, Early Years, Pupil Premium. In order to understand how these parts of the school work we do a termly visit to see that part of the curriculum in action. For a full list of which governor is responsible for which subject, please have a look at the Governors page on the Henry Maynard website. The next link blog will be after a discussion with the school council about feeling healthy, happy and safe at school.
  2. Blogs about interesting resources that we may have found or topics that have been brought to our attention – keep an eye out for a blog on e-safety and making sure your kids are using technology and the internet properly. We may also use the blog to tell you about changes to government policy that could affect the school if there are big changes.


We look forward to you reading more about what we do as Governors and if you have any questions about the blogs or our work or any suggestions for information that you think governors should be writing about please drop us an email at

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