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Governing Body

Henry Maynard’s Governing Body supports the school and the Head Teacher. We aim to ensure the school has clear objectives and values that are championed by the whole school community. All the work we do has pupil achievement and school improvement at its heart. We work with the Head Teacher and staff in raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning so that every pupil achieves to the best of his or her ability.

You can contact the Governing Body via the school office or on the school email

Our school governors play an active role in our school and have designated link areas of responsibility (alphabetical order).

Tayo Akamo - Community Governor (Training School / Curriculum)

Mathan Arulvel - Local Authority Governor (Budget Monitoring & Finance / Training School)

Shabna Begum - Parent Governor (Maths & Problem Solving / Pupil Premium) 

James Bellamy (Vice-Chair)- - Parent Governor (Data Systems and Monitoring)

Donna Bibby - Staff Governor

Louise Brent - Parent Governor (Science and Computing / Governor Learning and Development)

Jessica Crawford - Community Governor (English)

Daniel Crome - Staff Governor

Emma Fenton-Holt (Chair November 2017) - Community Governor (Safeguarding, Child Protection, Attendance / Community Cohesion)

Mark Frodsham - Parent Governor (Communication / SEND)

Michael Jewitt - Staff Governor 

Sally Sculthorpe - Community Governor (Budget Monitoring & Finance / Health & Safety & Premises)

Emily Rayner - Community Governor (EYFS / Safeguarding, Child Protection & Attendance / Pupil Premium)

Louisa Ziane - Parent Governor (Communication / Healthy Schools & PE)


Susan Fieldhouse - Clerk 

Governors' Instrument 2017/18



Start date

End date

1 Head Teacher


Linda Adair



5 elected parents


Shabna Begum

Louise Brent
Mark Frodsham
Louisa Ziane
James Bellamy

August 2015

January 2017

March 2014

January 2017

June 2016

August 2019

January 2021

March 2018

January 2021

June 2020

1 elected member of staff


Daniel Crome

September 2014

25 September 2018

1 Local Authority member


Mathan Arulvel

February 2017

January 2021

7 co-opted governors

5 members of the community

Emma Fenton-Holt

Jessica Crawford

Tayo Akamo
Emily Rayner

Sally Sculthorpe

January 2017


January 2017

October 2015

March 2015

September 2018

January 2021


January 2021

October 2019

March 2019

September 2018

2 employees

Michael Jewitt
Donna Bibby

September 2016

May 2017

September 2020

March 2021

2 associate members

Heads of school sites

Jill Pughe
Nicola Wilson





1 Clerk


Susan Fieldhouse



Governor groups/committees

Pay Committee

Head Teacher Performance Management Committee


Working group

Working Group













For the following panels (Staff Appeal / Dismissal Appeal, Staff Committee / Staff Dismissal, Pupil Exclusions Appeal, Pupil Exclusions) a randomly assigned pool of people will be chosen as and when cases arise (normally 3 people are required). Generally the Chair is not included on panels as they may have conferred with the Head at an earlier stage in the process.

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