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Creative Development

In our Art lessons we aim to develop creative thinking, originality and imaginative thought. Pupils will have the opportunity to use a variety of mediums through which to develop their skills, e.g. drawing, printing, dyeing, painting, sketching, using clay and other materials for 3D modelling. Links are made to other areas of the curriculum in order to provide context. We firmly believe in helping pupils learn from artists and different cultures and use artists' work and visits to art galleries to stimulate and encourage their own work.

Children work on both individual and group projects through Design and Technology learning, using a wide range of materials and developing their skills in planning, designing and making. We value and promote pupils creative skills and their awareness and knowledge of products in the environment, studying, for example, structures, control, mechanisms, textiles and food. 

Some Art from around our school

Some Art from around our school 1
Some Art from around our school 2
Some Art from around our school 3
Some Art from around our school 4
Some Art from around our school 5

Here are some useful links to support learning or just for fun!


When visiting the National Gallery website, any painting can be selected and the zoom in tool appears at the side which allows the painting to be looked at in more detail.

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