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Behaviour and Attendance


We recognise that good attendance and punctuality aid good learning, pupil progress and behaviour. We request family and parent support to ensure that children attend school regularly and on time, so that they may fully access the curriculum.

Please be mindful that absence during term time cannot be authorised unless there are explained exceptional circumstances. Holidays during term time are not exceptional circumstance.

If your child is sick, please contact the school office first thing on each day of their absence to inform us.

Pastoral Care
We have a number of staff who are trained as Learning Mentors and they play a key role in pastoral support and mentor pupils on an individual needs basis. We work closely with agencies such as counsellors to support pupils in need and currently have a resident trainee social worker to support pupils and their families.

We are confident about our management of pupil behaviour within the school. We have a shared vision of empowering the whole school community based on respect and The Golden Rules. We believe that in order for children to become successful learners within a happy, safe and secure environment we need to foster appropriate attitudes. Our Behaviour Policy details the procedures of how we work together to create a calm, purposeful and safe learning environment. The staff have worked together to make explicit the strategies in place at Henry Maynard Primary School, to ensure the positive and appropriate behaviour of our children, at all times. Further details can be found in the Behaviour Policy.

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